Crooked Creek

By Leonie, 78. Port Fairy, VIC

It was down at Crooked Creek under the shade of the willows
You tilted the brim of my hat and pressed your lips against my cheek
You sought my mouth and I panicked, running crazy into the shallows
What brings you back when I must close my ear to the words you speak
Too late to tell me that you’re sorry, that you were too young and callow
You left to fight a useless war in a land of hostile sand and heat
Your leaving cut me to the core, rendered me raw, a bitter pill to swallow
You made no demands, no future plans, no promises to keep
I too was a victim of that godforsaken war but I won’t be defined by its shadow
I chose another, and his good humoured ways gently eased my grief
I felt blessed in my comfortable bed with a new man snuggled on my pillow

I wrestle with my conscience and think only of you as I slink away to weep
When you appeared again at Crooked Creek did you come to me to beg or borrow
My will is weak and we have lain together since, down by Crooked Creek
I am drawn to you inexorably, as sure as the sun sets and the evenings mellow
Did you hear my heart as it skipped a beat when I saw you there last week
Did you seek me out to make amends or to re-launch Cupid’s arrow
Helpless in the face of lust I am captive to a love so bitter sweet
The arrow unerringly found its mark and my heart had no choice but to follow
I contemplate the coming days and I can’t abide the need to cheat
There is no easy way to end and I must withstand the saddest of tomorrows
An all-too-common story, why some hearts are so contrary, a mystery too deep

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Tessa Moriarty
Tessa Moriarty
1 year ago

Beautiful, Leonie

1 year ago
Reply to  Tessa Moriarty

Thank you Tessa