Slowing Down

By Tessa, 65. Somers, VIC I am slowing down. My lifestyle, not my brain or my body — though ageing does reduce the pace at which one can run! It’s been a gradual process I’ve been coming to, particularly as I (and others) have struggled through the last few years in a pandemic.  At one [...]

Last Day

By Cora, 77. Ravenshoe, QLD Any minute now, Roger would watch Tessa walk out the door for the last time. Oh, sure, he would see her again, might see her around town a few times before she flew halfway across the country. She wouldn’t be there with him every day, though, as she had for [...]

Mid-May 2019

By Lella, 82. Ivanhoe, VIC I’m in Bolzano — the city in Trentino Alto Adige that delineates the boundary between Italy and Austria. Cutting through Bolzano’s heart is the Adige River. While the sun makes a pale appearance, I lean over the railings on the Ponte d’Adige spanning the river. A wind hissing down from [...]

Good Sport

By Karen, 65. Sydney, NSW Don’t mean to brag, but I’m a Triathlete, of some repute. This happened on one of my first races as part of the Australian team, competing overseas in Honolulu. World Champs, Olympic distance race. Great course around parkland one end of the famous Waikiki strip. All race set, fit, jumping [...]


By Carolyn, 75. Adelaide, SA Rose looked up at the sky. The weather was picture perfect. Damn, she muttered to herself. Normally she would have been delighted, but today, of all days, she wanted it to rain. Come to think of it, hail would be better. Anything to put people off coming. Right little sticky [...]

The Secret Door

By Allan, 77. Salisbury North, SAThere is a secret door and it has a secret lock.It is only for me to know, how it is and where it is.It is never far away, the secret door.I think none know about my secret door, for a secret shared is no secret anymore.I sometimes hint about it, [...]