About the Project

We’re here to wander through other people’s stories, searching for our own.

Erin Morganstern

The Human Writers: Creative Ageing in Australia is a new multimedia initiative created by writer and editor Caitlin O’Toole. The community-oriented project includes a webzine, a magazine, a podcast, and memoir writing workshops, all designed to engage older adults, encourage them to share their life stories, and have those stories heard, honoured, validated, published, and preserved.

The Human Writers, a vision years in the making, celebrates the fact that writing can enrich the mind and nurture the spirit regardless of background, life circumstances, or age. It is a place to express, tap into one’s truth, experiment, and explore. It is specifically designed to include non-“writers” so it is a safe space to express, reflect, review, and engage, regardless of formal training.

The Human Writers webzine seeks previously unpublished memoir essay (non-fiction) contributions from older adults all across Australia. Your work does not have to be perfect. It can be a few words, one line, a poem, a story, or a memory. Videos, handwritten entries, and voice recordings will also be considered for publication.

If you’d like to be featured reading your piece in our monthly “Meet the Author” audio feature, please send a voice recording to editor@thehumanwriters.com — in the recording, say your name, where you are located, and read your work, or an excerpt from it. Please add a few words about what inspires you to write and/or what inspired you to contribute to The Human Writers.

May’s featured author is Andy of Byron Bay, NSW.

Coming soon: The Human Writers memoir essay writing workshops, magazine, podcast, and Zoom meet-ups! For more information or to register your interest in these projects and events, email editor@thehumanwriters.com.