About the Project

As soon as you feel too old to do a thing, do it.

Margaret Deland, “The Awakening of Helena Richie”

The Human Writers, a collection of writing by older adults across Australia, is a project years in the making. It’s an online magazine about the human condition, human connection and the creative process. It was founded on the principle that everyone has a story to tell, and provides a forum in which to tell it. Designed for older adults to showcase their thoughts, ideas and musings, The Human Writers celebrates the fact that writing can enrich the mind and nurture the spirit regardless of background, life circumstances or age. It is specifically designed for non-“writers” so it is a safe space for people to express, reflect, review, engage and tap into their experience regardless of formal training.

The Human Writers seeks previously unpublished contributions from older adults all across Australia. Your work does not have to be perfect. It can be a few words, one line, a poem, a story, or a memory. Just write.

If you’d like to be featured reading your piece in our “Meet the Author” audio feature, which you can find on the sidebar section of the site, please send a voice recording to editor@thehumanwriters.com … In the recording, say your name, where you are located, and read your work, or an excerpt from it. Please add a few words about what inspires you to write and/or what inspired you to contribute to The Human Writers.

December’s featured author is Lesley-Anne of Christie Downs, SA.

Coming soon: The Human Writers magazine and podcast! Want to be featured reading your story on an upcoming podcast? Email editor@thehumanwriters.com for details!