By Steve Allen. Aldinga, SA the stadium lights held this momentthousands in the stands shoulder to shoulder they being sons and daughters mothers one by one stepped from the tunnelthat led out onto the field of their livesthis now hallowed ground echoed with passionate cheersknitted scarves raised above every head taken from old school jumpers… Continue reading Mothers

Happy First Mother’s Day to Olivia, My Granddaughter

By Lella Cariddi. Ivanhoe, VIC 25 April 2023 A splendid autumn morning. The weather forecaster announces that today the temperature will reach 25 degrees. My friend Jill and I are invited to a long lunch at the home of mutual friends, Julie and Con. Jill offers to pick me up by 10am. So much to… Continue reading Happy First Mother’s Day to Olivia, My Granddaughter

Adrian’s Adventures to Australia

By Adrian Crawford, 67. Mt Barker, SA Click the arrow above to hear Adrian read his "Adventures to Australia". My name is Adrian Crawford and I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I’ve been a storyteller since I was six years old, though it took me to my twenties to truly discover that. I am a… Continue reading Adrian’s Adventures to Australia

Marrying at Seventeen

By Josephine, 80. Beachport, SA Marrying at seventeen didn’t seem to me as though it should cause much eyebrow raising and speculation! This was back in 1957. Many young brides were accidentally pregnant, and many young men had a more responsible attitude to fatherhood than it seems they do today. Bryan and I were not… Continue reading Marrying at Seventeen

First Day at Home With My First Baby

My first terrifying experience was bringing my first baby home from the hospital. I became responsible for a helpless mortal human being. My first Daughter was at my mercy and I did not have many clues how to care and raise her. This wriggling bundle was mine but she could not speak one word to… Continue reading First Day at Home With My First Baby