A Day in the Bush

By Paul, 76. Cobram, VIC

A halo round the fading moon,
Sweet mist upon the grass.
The croak of frogs from yon lagoon,
A flight of ducks wing past.
A dingo howls farewell to night,
The crimson sunrise comes.
The dawn is here to start the day,
All hail the rising sun!

That blazing orb now bakes the plains,
Heat shimmers on the ground.
The gum trees drop their leaves in pain,
The paddocks all are brown.
From long grass on the flat below
Rise heads of kangaroos;
Of rain, no sign, of clouds, no show,
Just endless skies of blue.

But now, the evening cool arrives,
The distant hills turn red;
The sun’s rays flash like crimson knives,
And darkness’s blanket spreads.
Cicadas strike their evening chords,
And kookaburras laugh;
On sunset’s purple cloak abroad,
The moon sheds silver paths.

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Tessa Moriarty
Tessa Moriarty
1 year ago

Love this Paul. Thank you. Simply and beautifully descriptive