How to Submit

Please send your submission by filling out the below form and clicking submit. You can also send your piece and photo in an email to

Your writing must be an original piece of 1000 words or under. Please include your first name, age and where in Australia you are writing from. And include a picture if you’d like — of yourself, or of something that represents your piece. Please make sure you have permission to use any photo you submit; it cannot be a copyrighted image.

Submissions can be written on paper or submitted as voice or video recordings. Not all submissions can or will be published, but I really look forward to reading your work!

Need ideas? Try one of these: Tell me about something or someone you love in 200 words without using the word love. Write down the words “I remember…” and see where it takes you. Tell me about your hero. What is your biggest fear, and why? Point to a random sentence in the nearest book and write 200 words about yourself beginning with that sentence.

Future Human Writers endeavours may include a book, a podcast, a magazine, a partner website and more. By submitting your writing and photo to the editor and/or clicking “submit” on the below form, you are agreeing that your writing and photo may be republished or used in a Human Writers-related project.

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