If you’re interested in The Human Writers project, and other forward-thinking projects that celebrate positive ageing, visit engage. Engage is an Adelaide-based consultancy that works with individuals, organisations, and communities to encourage wellness and reablement, build local capacity, and improve systems, outcomes, and relationships.

Engage’s latest creative initiative, Open Up, is a beautifully crafted game designed to encourage people — and particularly those at a later stage in life — to ‘Open Up’ and share their stories and memories through conversations. It includes a set of elegantly illustrated cards to help trigger memories and reflect on life and stories through associations. It can be used between family members, friends, solo, or in a care setting. Open Up creates the space and time for people to converse, share, feel and above all, connect. The Open Up cards are also used as visual writing prompts in Write From the Start! workshops, brought to you by The Human Writers.

For more information about the workshops, click here.