By Terence, 72. Doonside, NSW

Where have you gone, I wish you were here

What did I say, was my meaning not clear

When I looked in your eyes, saying I would be true

That time would not change, what you knew that I knew

The years that have passed, time just ticking away

Hair that was black, is now thinning and grey

My body is old, getting wrinkled and creaky

To look in the mirror, is frankly quite freaky

I can but regret, how it once was such fun

To leap and to jump, and to climb and to run

Just when did it start, was it quite complicated

When I started downhill, to the cliff that awaited

But today I’m alive, I can still take a hike

I can see with both eyes, can still ride my bike

My hearing is good, cos I hear what you say

Though my younger body, has long passed away

The time that I have, I must live for each day

Leaving no stone unturned, as I pass by the way

My love is only alive, just as long as I live

To pass on to others, all the love I can give

So I say to you, if you’re feeling sad

As long as you’re young, it can’t be all bad

You can run like the wind, or jump like a cricket

Swing up to the sky, or roll in a thicket

Time’s just a word, in the time where you live

Don’t be afraid, for time will forgive

All you have done, I tell you it’s true

You can re-do it better, in the time left to you

Heal all the hurts, you have done to others

Despite all the bother, you will feel better

So get off your chair, go out in the sun

Be of good cheer, go out and have fun

There is no one but you, who can use your good health

Once it is gone, no matter your wealth

You can’t buy it back, hold on while it passes

You can never see it, even with X-ray glasses

So enjoy every day, just you give it a try

Cos no time will be left, on the day that you die

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2 years ago

Oh goodness Terence, this was so well crafted and articulated, it really hit home. I will be showing my children and hoping that they can absorb the wisdom present in your words. Thank you.

Tessa Moriarty
Tessa Moriarty
1 year ago

Gorgeous. Love your skill with rhyming words. Love the spirit of your piece. It leaves readers inspired and optimistic.