Gone Walkabout

By Dr. Marguerette Joyce Hill, 72. Adelaide, SA Philip clung desperately to his expensive Panama hat with one hand and to the rusty window sill of the ute with the other as they bumped, rattled and lurched wildly along the dusty, unpaved road of the Australian outback. He clutched his overnight bag between his knees. [...]

A man out here

By Doug Jacquier, 70. Yankalilla, SA A man out here that whinged about the sweltering heat and bush flies in his eyes and up his nose wouldn’t be a man and Harry would never have that said of him. Out here, a man who couldn’t fix a snapped axle on a mail truck in a [...]

To the Top

By Paul Blanksby, 63. Helensburgh, NSW ‘You’re a sook, Miklas, a big sook.’It’s that Johnno again. Oh, I could just… They can’t have seen me sitting in my backyard, these boys, through the passionfruit vine and the wind-warped paling fence. An unwanted adult observer of their little drama. A smaller boy, wearing a blue jumper [...]

Remembering Nan

Somebody sent me a photo of the vacant block where Nan and Pa’s house had stood, even longer than the seventy-five years they occupied it. Well, at least Pa had been in it that long, Nan having pre-deceased him by more than a decade. Although demographically the average longevity of women being greater than that [...]