First Day at Home With My First Baby

My first terrifying experience was bringing my first baby home from the hospital. I became responsible for a helpless mortal human being. My first Daughter was at my mercy and I did not have many clues how to care and raise her. This wriggling bundle was mine but she could not speak one word to me to explain what she needed or wanted. She came with no written instruction and now and I felt somehow this child was going to suffer because of my ignorance. This precious bundle was now in the hands of a complete idiot. That was how I felt. I was in awe at the wonder of this little mite. She just looked like a skun rabbit. How was she going to develop into a human being that might one day be able to stand on her own feet? I was to learn that she would demand constant care and there was a real art in washing, clothing, feeding and soothing this foreign alien being. It just seemed an overwhelming daunting and dangerous responsibility.

That was fifty three years ago so when I rang Karen my first daughter I was surprised to find she was in Wagga Wagga. She was three quarters the way through her trip with the Ulysses Bikers and would still be away from her home in Townsville where her husband and child were having a peaceful time without her. She did survive my ignorance. She still speaks a language I will never understand and I speak a language that differs from hers and I guess we will always live in different worlds but through it all I will always be her Mum and she will always be my first daughter. She was the first to marry but not to become a parent to my first grandchild. That honour went to my second daughter.

~Audrey, 82. Stirling North, SA

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Natalie Anderson
Natalie Anderson
2 years ago

i Natalie think your story is great, it was funny and also sad because you were so nervous, your story was relatable and i feel you were a great mum because you cared so much and wanted the best for her. well done.