Cloud Gazing

I recall those summers as if from yesterday.

Long and hot with time to waste, to laugh and love and play.

We’d lay in grassy meadows, heads crowned with daisy chains.

King and queen of our own world, where dreams and magic reigns.

We’d cast our gaze up to the clouds, bright white in azure skies.

We each took turns to find the shapes of hearts and dragonflies,

of elephants and horses and castles high above.

Our hearts so full of innocence and a child’s pure sweet love.

As time passed by, we grew apart as children often do.

Our paths took different highways as we sought directions new.

Life took us on our journey, on roads both rough and long.

With bumps and storms along the way, we both grew fierce and strong. 

The clouds were often full of rain, no magic now just grey.

Oh! How I longed once more for a long hot summer day.

A day to lay beside you, in a meadow softly green,

to gaze at cotton candy clouds and be your daisy queen.

I’m older now and wiser, I’m content within my skin.

I’m back once more in my hometown, new chapters to begin.

It’s summer and the sky is blue, the clouds are soft and bright.

The meadow’s dressed to celebrate with daisies pink and white.

You’re waiting by the oak tree, just as we arranged,

Your eyes shine from an older face, the smile is unchanged.

No bouquets required, you’ve made a daisy chain,

 We cast our eyes together, to gaze at clouds again.

~Lesley-Anne, 67. Christie Downs, SA

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