By Steve Allen. Aldinga, SA

the stadium lights held this moment
thousands in the stands shoulder to shoulder
they being sons and daughters
mothers one by one stepped from the tunnel
that led out onto the field of their lives
this now hallowed ground
echoed with passionate cheers
knitted scarves raised above every head
taken from old school jumpers
from childhood years
spontaneous singing erupted
to the great song of hope
“you’ll never walk alone”
emotions raw, a tear in many an eye,
but we know every event
must come to its end
as the lights dimmed
a spotlight shone on each one
of those mums as they waved,
goodbye for now,
as one by one they disappeared into the tunnel
when the stadium faded into darkness
in every corner of this incredible world
new lights appeared everywhere
to each and every child born this night
and to the mothers,
the first to hold them tight

Featured image: “A Breath From the Light at the End of the Tunnel” by Megan Perry.

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