Charcoal Sketches

By Steve, 65. Aldinga, SA

black charcoal sketches 
on my flat screen tv 
skeleton trees,
broken buildings,
rubble everywhere
on another channel,
pageant queens
want world peace
back to reality,
to the contrast of barren streets
humbled citizens in any warm
clothing they can find
it’s all about how to survive
solemnly they leave
the place they’ve called home
has been drawn on my tv
I turn it off, and
go to my safe, cosy bed
my prayers,
seem like dropping a coin
into a bottomless well
I hope that in the silence
words mean something
for in the silence
our faith hangs

Steve with his grandchild Pippa
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1 year ago

Hi Steve, sometimes it’s best not to watch the news. However, having said that, I often do. I also say a quick prayer (sometimes), but I can relate to what you’re saying about it being a drop in the ocean.By the way, your little grand daughter is a real sweetie.

8 months ago

Thanks for feedback, I’ve been a bit slack logging onto human writers.
Poetry is a great way to express how each of us sees the world.