Patio Contemplation

By Brian John Pollock, 77. Brighton VIC

“Out on the patio, we’d sit”
Is an iconic Australian song line,
A lyric conjuring powerful imagery
For Australians, so sublime.

A simple pleasure for many
To sit alone contemplating life,
Out on the patio, glass in hand
Temporary respite from trouble and strife.

For me serious contemplation
Is best done outdoors, 
Perhaps it’s because it takes us away
From the hum-drum of daily chores.

Fresh air acts as a cleanser
Promoting clarity of thought,
Allowing the mind to wander
In an environment, far less fraught.

Sometimes it’s the lure of a view
That beckons us to sit outside,
Maybe to witness a lightning show
The motivations are far and wide.

At times I watch the billowing clouds
Moving majestically across the sky,
While listening to the sound of cawing crows
That frequent the trees nearby.

I dream of my boyhood
And fun-filled days in the sun.
Unspoiled by life’s inevitable disappointments
Uncaring about what may come.

I think of my grandchildren
And what their futures hold,
Reflecting on the reality at my age
Their stories will largely remain untold.

Despite some thoughts of sadness
And maybe a few tinged with regret,
For me, sitting out on the patio
Is about as good as it can get.

Painting: “Over the Uplands” (undated) by Charles Harold Davis. Credit: Craig Cavaluzzi/Giclée Lab

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Mo Ors
Mo Ors
8 months ago

I read Patio Contemplation by Brian J Pollock, to my husband who identifies with your kind of contemplations but from our backyard deck instead of a patio. We both loved it, so well written that it transported us to your patio. Loved your wooden boat piece as well! By the way we’re around the same age. Thank you 🦋