Ode to Bondi Beach

By Brian John Pollock, 77. Brighton VIC

I’m a twenty-something male, hale and hearty
And like most people my age enjoy a party.
I live in the greater Sydney LGA
And go to Bondi beach nearly every day.

I go to work and pay my taxes
I’m not one of your anti-vaxers.
I’m waiting ‘til the jab queues start to shrink
No need to hurry, I’m in the pink.

I live 10 km from Bondi beach
Twice the lockdown limit but in easy reach.
To save parking I go by bus
And although it’s crowded, I don’t fuss.

Bondi at the weekends is awesome fun
Four hours on the beach in the sun.
No need for anyone to wear a mask
The patrolling cops will never ask.

The beach is packed cheek to jowl
Literally covered towel to towel.
The queues at the bakery are very long
Where buskers entertain the maskless throng.

My apartment block is very social
We drink together now they’ve shut the local.
My girlfriend doesn’t live far away
And I visit my mum most every day.

I’ve had a sniffle and feel a bit sore
But nothing that I haven’t had before.
Mum’s also been feeling a little unwell
But she’s so stoic it’s hard to tell.

I haven’t had time to take mum for a vax
I’m a little stressed and need to relax.
My sister says mum should wait for Pfizer
I bow to her judgement, she’s so much wiser.

But last weekend in the Bondi sun
My sister called about my mum.
“Better come quick,” my sister said
By the time I got there, mum was dead.

Featured image of beach: Bondi Beach, 1978. Taken by Katherine Bell.

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