They Write

By Leonie, 78. Port Fairy, VIC

The next generation … or two, they write
way out and weird they write
in paranormal spheres they write
of cobras and pythons, media savvy snakes
arranging dates … hello! have you ever …
let’s meet; they write
of aliens in vinyl skins
in a state of dislocation; they write
with lines of text all over the place
in a wasteland of white space
prose posing as verse; they write
mistaking one for the other
where does the distinction lie
what’s wrong with a damn good rhyme
gen x y and z — the gap grows wider
what would I know
long way past my use-by date
have I the right to cast aspersions
… to criticise their work
here and there… when I read what they write
I must admit a grudging admiration
even though I speak a different language
And my soul does not hurt

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