A Memorable Meal ~ Delhi, India; September 2019

By Lesley-Anne, 67. Christie Downs, SA It was our first day in Delhi. Visiting India had always been on my bucket list, and I was excited to leave the comfort of our hotel and get out into the streets and see the real India. We spent the first part of the morning wandering around the… Continue reading A Memorable Meal ~ Delhi, India; September 2019


By Johanna Elizabeth, 70. Melbourne, VIC Time to look ahead,Remember, don’t be leadInto places where you don’t want to go. Stand tall, breathe and just let it flow. Ask for help if that’s what you need,Don’t look back, look ahead and lead. Look for reasons to just keep going. Believe in yourself and your light will be glowing.  … Continue reading STAY STRONG


By Alice Richardson, 77. Elizabeth, SA The winter tree stands naked; exposed; vulnerable.  It remembers the beauty of spring; fragrant colourful blossoms, sparkling green leaves, the warmth of summer, the birds that nested amongst its foliage and the tiny fledgling’s insistent ‘hungry’ chirps demanding food.  They flutter and venture further and further from the nest,… Continue reading SO THIS IS OLD?