Information for Carers and Aged Care Residents

If you are an aged care provider or work on creative projects with your residents, this is a perfect opportunity to explore creative ageing with your group! Caregivers — partners, friends and family — may also encourage someone they care for to submit to this website.

I am open to publishing all kinds of writing. I am, however, specifically looking for older adults who may not have any experience with writing who want to put their life experiences, reflections, thoughts, fears and musings down on virtual “paper”.

If there are carers or leaders or those who work in administration at aged care homes in Australia who would like to encourage a group or groups of residents to write and submit their writing for publication on the website/online magazine, that would be wonderful. If there is an already-established writing group within your facility, please encourage people to submit! I am all about the creative ageing experience, and nurturing this experience is important for those in their later years.

The writing residents submit does not have to be perfect, polished, pretty or even complete. It does not have to be typed, it can be handwritten. Or even recorded with a voice recorder, which I can later transcribe. The topic is open, but if people are looking for a guide on what to write, I suggest they start with the phrase “I remember….” and see where it takes them. Anything goes; there is no such thing as too “light” or too “heavy” a topic.

If you are interested in getting involved in my project and passing the word, please let me know. This is a not-for-profit venture and I am not profiting from it in any way; I do it because I love people, writing and the human experience.

Please note that you do not have to be in aged care to contribute to this project. This is just an open invitation to those who are to submit their work. Please send all contributions to

With thanks and respect,


Editor, The Human Writers