Crooked Creek

By Leonie, 78. Port Fairy, VIC It was down at Crooked Creek under the shade of the willowsYou tilted the brim of my hat and pressed your lips against my cheekYou sought my mouth and I panicked, running crazy into the shallowsWhat brings you back when I must close my ear to the words you [...]

A Day in the Bush

By Paul, 76. Cobram, VIC A halo round the fading moon,Sweet mist upon the grass.The croak of frogs from yon lagoon,A flight of ducks wing past.A dingo howls farewell to night,The crimson sunrise comes.The dawn is here to start the day,All hail the rising sun! That blazing orb now bakes the plains,Heat shimmers on the [...]

The Flower in the Buttonhole

By John, 72. Kangaroo Ground, VIC I can remember it so clearly, as if it only happened yesterday: As I walked very briskly from the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan I rehearsed my precise instructions. The stranger I was to meet would be loitering close to Hibiya Park fountain, where he or she would be [...]

Slowing Down

By Tessa, 65. Somers, VIC I am slowing down. My lifestyle, not my brain or my body — though ageing does reduce the pace at which one can run! It’s been a gradual process I’ve been coming to, particularly as I (and others) have struggled through the last few years in a pandemic.  At one [...]

Mid-May 2019

By Lella, 82. Ivanhoe, VIC I’m in Bolzano — the city in Trentino Alto Adige that delineates the boundary between Italy and Austria. Cutting through Bolzano’s heart is the Adige River. While the sun makes a pale appearance, I lean over the railings on the Ponte d’Adige spanning the river. A wind hissing down from [...]


By Johanna Elizabeth, 70. Melbourne, VIC Time to look ahead,Remember, don’t be leadInto places where you don’t want to go. Stand tall, breathe and just let it flow. Ask for help if that’s what you need,Don’t look back, look ahead and lead. Look for reasons to just keep going. Believe in yourself and your light will be glowing.   [...]

This is My Story

By Margaret Brooks, 93. Bacchus Marsh, Victoria Sunday 8.8.2021 I was born at Quamby Hospital, Bacchus Marsh on the 3.9.1927. I grew up in the Raglan Cottage, Melton. In those days, most of the roads and streets were dirt roads. I had some very happy days going to school and playing skippy and hop scotch. [...]