One Sacred Day

By Margaret McCaffrey. Melbourne, VIC Thirty-four years after my father’s death, I drove one frosty morning in 2010 to Melbourne’s Shrine of Remembrance. It’s a pyramid-shaped building keeping guard, sphinx-like, over the city. There, I joined the shivering, silent crowd huddled around the eternal flame for the pre-dawn service, as the bugle strains of The… Continue reading One Sacred Day


By Lesley-Anne Willott. Christie Downs, SA As blood red poppies dance in the wind, we promise to remember the boldOn that one fateful dawn back in 1915, where so many would never grow oldLife is so dear, but the worthy, must have courage to answer the callWith mettle and grit, it’s what Aussie blokes did,… Continue reading ANZAC


By Terence Dingwall. Doonside, NSW In every battle that was ever foughtOne side’s hopes have come to noughtThe fields are strewn with those who diedFor death has scattered them far and wideFor a few more hours peace has comeWith the long slow sink of setting sunPeace has come to Friedrich and FredIs this piece Friedrich’s,… Continue reading Scarabs

a soldier’s prayer

By Steve Allen. Aldinga, SA Where I lay, my body stuckon this sodden ground,only my spirit can now move.My first battle was my last.I hardly drew a warrior's breaththrough youthful lungs.The fierce roars of passionate mennow lay in utter silence.I hear them not.Wind picks up my soft hairas if I still had life.I am thankful… Continue reading a soldier’s prayer

The Photograph

By Alice Richardson. Elizabeth, SA Rose sat at the kitchen table cradling the little frame holding the photograph of her with her husband, George. On the back, written in his handwriting was, ‘Rose and me. Married 17th October 1940’. It was taken in front of the hedge in their backyard just after he joined up… Continue reading The Photograph


By Brian John Pollock, Brighton, VIC In 1966 I was called up for a two year stint of National Service in the Australian Army. After six months basic training I was posted to C Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment. I spent the next 18 months as a crew member of a Centurion tank. I served in… Continue reading YOU’LL NEVER SEE THE WHITES OF THEIR EYES