Bread and Dripping, Mushrooms, and Fresh Blackberries

By Lindsey-Jane, 70. Adelaide, SA These are just a few of the snacks and meals that we enjoyed as children in the 1950s. Today, some have been adapted to be more health-conscious for future generations, and others have simply vanished, which is a bit sad. As a child growing up in Australia in the 1950s,… Continue reading Bread and Dripping, Mushrooms, and Fresh Blackberries

Romeo — Where Art Thou?

By Sue, 68. Aberfoyle Park, SA “This is delicious,” Marge mumbled between mouthfuls of double chocolate muffin. Every Tuesday after she and her friend Fay had finished their hour-long exercise class, they treated themselves to a coffee and muffin of the week from the cafe's specials board. “So convenient,” said Fay, “that the retirement village… Continue reading Romeo — Where Art Thou?

The ‘Dark Pit’

By Nancy, 80. Adelaide, SA From the Editor: Trigger warning. The following series contains very candid, detailed, brave, and well-written accounts of what it is like to live with clinical depression. Though over the usual 1000-word limit, I have decided to publish the works in their entirety. If you or someone you know live with… Continue reading The ‘Dark Pit’

Bodgies, Widgies, Steam Trains, and Stiff Petticoats

By Lindsey-Jane, 70. Adelaide, SA Way back in the '50s, we had FJ Holden cars, doctors who paid house calls, and postmen who actually delivered twice a day (and what's more, blew a whistle to announce their arrival!) Remember these things? Do you also remember women wearing hats and gloves to church or even to go… Continue reading Bodgies, Widgies, Steam Trains, and Stiff Petticoats

My Week

By Moira, 66. Renmark West, SA Feeling the shame, Losing the calm,Carrying the blame,Needing the balm. Moving past the stress,Knowing I am loved,Wishing to blessLooking up above. Accepting limitations,Knowing I have value,Peaceful contemplations,No longer am I blue.


By Alice Richardson, 77. Elizabeth, SA The winter tree stands naked; exposed; vulnerable.  It remembers the beauty of spring; fragrant colourful blossoms, sparkling green leaves, the warmth of summer, the birds that nested amongst its foliage and the tiny fledgling’s insistent ‘hungry’ chirps demanding food.  They flutter and venture further and further from the nest,… Continue reading SO THIS IS OLD?