By Carolyn, 75. Adelaide, SA Rose looked up at the sky. The weather was picture perfect. Damn, she muttered to herself. Normally she would have been delighted, but today, of all days, she wanted it to rain. Come to think of it, hail would be better. Anything to put people off coming. Right little sticky [...]

The Secret Door

By Allan, 77. Salisbury North, SAThere is a secret door and it has a secret lock.It is only for me to know, how it is and where it is.It is never far away, the secret door.I think none know about my secret door, for a secret shared is no secret anymore.I sometimes hint about it, [...]

Betty Boswell

By Dr. Marguerette Joyce Hill, 72. Adelaide, SA Betty Boswell was awakened by the sound of weeping. She was a light sleeper. She glanced at the digital clock on her nightstand. It was almost midnight. Keiko was in trouble again. In the dark, Betty rose from under her covers and stood at the window of [...]


By Alice Richardson, 77. Elizabeth, SA The winter tree stands naked; exposed; vulnerable.  It remembers the beauty of spring; fragrant colourful blossoms, sparkling green leaves, the warmth of summer, the birds that nested amongst its foliage and the tiny fledgling’s insistent ‘hungry’ chirps demanding food.  They flutter and venture further and further from the nest, [...]

Gone Walkabout

By Dr. Marguerette Joyce Hill, 72. Adelaide, SA Philip clung desperately to his expensive Panama hat with one hand and to the rusty window sill of the ute with the other as they bumped, rattled and lurched wildly along the dusty, unpaved road of the Australian outback. He clutched his overnight bag between his knees. [...]

A man out here

By Doug Jacquier, 70. Yankalilla, SA A man out here that whinged about the sweltering heat and bush flies in his eyes and up his nose wouldn’t be a man and Harry would never have that said of him. Out here, a man who couldn’t fix a snapped axle on a mail truck in a [...]


On reaching the age of sixty, I realised that I was born in 1960, with all of the memories of that time, songs and 'ways of being' that I could recall with those images.  Out came the orange floral chiffon number, spotted at the local Op Shop. Easy to spot were the oversize shiny orange beads [...]

Cloud Gazing

I recall those summers as if from yesterday. Long and hot with time to waste, to laugh and love and play. We'd lay in grassy meadows, heads crowned with daisy chains. King and queen of our own world, where dreams and magic reigns. We'd cast our gaze up to the clouds, bright white in azure [...]

Full Moon Madness

I remember that night in every detail.  It was one of those crisp fresh nights, not particularly cold but with a clean, fresh smell on the breeze, the trees swishing gently and the full moon casting silver light across the lawn. I’m not sure what it was that woke me, but my eyes opened, and [...]


I grew up as asphalt became an innovation , people were in the thrall of this new slick black surface.Cities embraced it .. I recall seeing  trees manacled in islands of it. I grew up in NZ conscious of the number of native trees chopped down to enable pine forests.I spent years in Central Australia [...]

water to wine

we drive past them every day a quick glance we see vineyards set in neat rows of precision between timber posts, outstretched arms are tied around wire stringers knarled crucified vine branches will remain this way until spring then summer brings forth sweet bunches of crimson grapes from the warmth of the sun richness of [...]


Sometimes when you’re feeling low And you feel you truly have nowhere to go The feeling of sadness just runs so deep All you want is to go to sleep And dream of times when happiness was alive It felt so good it made you want to survive And now Im here and I feel [...]