By Steve Allen. Aldinga, SA the stadium lights held this momentthousands in the stands shoulder to shoulder they being sons and daughters mothers one by one stepped from the tunnelthat led out onto the field of their livesthis now hallowed ground echoed with passionate cheersknitted scarves raised above every head taken from old school jumpers… Continue reading Mothers

The Little Corner Shops

By Lindsey-Jane Doley. Adelaide, SA Want to know more about the author of this story? Click the above arrow to hear her reveal what inspires her to write. A long time ago, before supermarkets or up-market delicatessens, we had the corner shop. In South Australia these were sprinkled across the hills and suburbs, often on… Continue reading The Little Corner Shops


By Lesley-Anne Willott. Christie Downs, SA As blood red poppies dance in the wind, we promise to remember the boldOn that one fateful dawn back in 1915, where so many would never grow oldLife is so dear, but the worthy, must have courage to answer the callWith mettle and grit, it’s what Aussie blokes did,… Continue reading ANZAC

a soldier’s prayer

By Steve Allen. Aldinga, SA Where I lay, my body stuckon this sodden ground,only my spirit can now move.My first battle was my last.I hardly drew a warrior's breaththrough youthful lungs.The fierce roars of passionate mennow lay in utter silence.I hear them not.Wind picks up my soft hairas if I still had life.I am thankful… Continue reading a soldier’s prayer

The Photograph

By Alice Richardson. Elizabeth, SA Rose sat at the kitchen table cradling the little frame holding the photograph of her with her husband, George. On the back, written in his handwriting was, ‘Rose and me. Married 17th October 1940’. It was taken in front of the hedge in their backyard just after he joined up… Continue reading The Photograph

Merry Christmas, Summer Christmas

By Lindsey-Jane, 70. Adelaide, SA Christmas for most people in Adelaide begins with our famous Christmas pageant, which is one of the best of its kind in the world and the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. It's been a huge hit for the Adelaide population since 1933, so they've had lots of practice at making… Continue reading Merry Christmas, Summer Christmas

Adrian’s Adventures to Australia

By Adrian Crawford, 67. Mt Barker, SA Click the arrow above to hear Adrian read his "Adventures to Australia". My name is Adrian Crawford and I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I’ve been a storyteller since I was six years old, though it took me to my twenties to truly discover that. I am a… Continue reading Adrian’s Adventures to Australia

When I Rule the World

By Sue, 69. Aberfoyle Park, SA Don't you often think to yourself  'when I rule the world...' as some aspect of today's living drives you to despair? Welcome to my despot fantasy, where it's not a matter of 'if' but THINGS WILL CHANGE. Remember, in my fantasy, I am dictator now — an omnipotent presence. Rules… Continue reading When I Rule the World

Remembering the Fifties: Needles and Pins

By Lindsey-Jane, 70. Adelaide, SA Back in the fifties, many people were home sewers. Department stores and drapers' shops were chock full of rolls of beautiful fabrics in a vast array of colours and designs. One of the best sewers was my Nanna. Ever since I was old enough to remember, she'd made dresses for me… Continue reading Remembering the Fifties: Needles and Pins

Seventies Semaphore: A Memoir

By Andrew Piper, 75. Woodcroft, SA My story recounts memories of Semaphore and environs of the mid-seventies and a character I knew well who lived on the Semaphore Esplanade. Let's just call her Ester for the purposes of our story. I have flighty memories of people and places of that time, and my impressions of… Continue reading Seventies Semaphore: A Memoir

Charcoal Sketches

By Steve, 65. Aldinga, SA black charcoal sketches on my flat screen tv skeleton trees,broken buildings,rubble everywhereon another channel,pageant queenswant world peaceback to reality,to the contrast of barren streetshumbled citizens in any warmclothing they can findnow,it's all about how to survivesolemnly they leavethe place they've called homeoppression,has been drawn on my tvI turn it off, andgo to… Continue reading Charcoal Sketches

Marrying at Seventeen

By Josephine, 80. Beachport, SA Marrying at seventeen didn’t seem to me as though it should cause much eyebrow raising and speculation! This was back in 1957. Many young brides were accidentally pregnant, and many young men had a more responsible attitude to fatherhood than it seems they do today. Bryan and I were not… Continue reading Marrying at Seventeen


By Steve, 65. Aldinga, SA lessons learntonly slightly burntso much to learnso little timegrowth sometimes a bitter pillas we struggle up an unknown hilltufts of grass,trees with embedded rootscan help us on our wayevery hill is differentfor every child of mother earthsurvival is our instinctit rarely lets us down andwhen you've reached your plateauit is… Continue reading Lessons

Bread and Dripping, Mushrooms, and Fresh Blackberries

By Lindsey-Jane, 70. Adelaide, SA These are just a few of the snacks and meals that we enjoyed as children in the 1950s. Today, some have been adapted to be more health-conscious for future generations, and others have simply vanished, which is a bit sad. As a child growing up in Australia in the 1950s,… Continue reading Bread and Dripping, Mushrooms, and Fresh Blackberries