Shekels Enough

By Sally Ryhanen, 73. Caloundra, QLD I am a refugee from the corporate world with a disability — a 70-year-old Protestant work ethic — that has been sharpened, honed and weaponised for self-harm. I spawned a child with the same fierce ethic and christened him Obligation. A very nasty child, with an ugliness surpassed only… Continue reading Shekels Enough

I Was Only 16

By Margo Knox, 73. Gold Coast, QLD It wasn’t an innocent gestureThe piercing whistle came from oneWhile the others nodded  The scaffolding blocked the footpathA thankful roundabout walk of younger yearsA safety switch from the predation of young menWho did not see privilege in their actionBut a right to covert the bodies of othersFor their… Continue reading I Was Only 16

Citizen of the World

By Mo Ors, 76. Gold Coast, QLD Contrary to the common belief that migrants in Australia mostly come from poor, uneducated economic and cultural backgrounds, I’m one of the many examples to dispel that notion. I arrived in Australia in the 1960s as a teenager with my parents who were both professional people, affluent, and… Continue reading Citizen of the World