By Terence Dingwall. Doonside, NSW In every battle that was ever foughtOne side’s hopes have come to noughtThe fields are strewn with those who diedFor death has scattered them far and wideFor a few more hours peace has comeWith the long slow sink of setting sunPeace has come to Friedrich and FredIs this piece Friedrich’s,… Continue reading Scarabs

They Write

By Leonie, 78. Port Fairy, VIC The next generation ... or two, they writeway out and weird they writein paranormal spheres they writeof cobras and pythons, media savvy snakesarranging dates ... hello! have you ever ...let’s meet; they writeof aliens in vinyl skinsin a state of dislocation; they writewith lines of text all over the… Continue reading They Write

Good Sport

By Karen Lethlean, 65. Sydney, NSW Don’t mean to brag, but I’m a Triathlete, of some repute. This happened on one of my first races as part of the Australian team, competing overseas in Honolulu. World Champs, Olympic distance race. Great course around parkland one end of the famous Waikiki strip. All race set, fit,… Continue reading Good Sport

To the Top

By Paul Blanksby, 63. Helensburgh, NSW ‘You’re a sook, Miklas, a big sook.’It’s that Johnno again. Oh, I could just… They can’t have seen me sitting in my backyard, these boys, through the passionfruit vine and the wind-warped paling fence. An unwanted adult observer of their little drama. A smaller boy, wearing a blue jumper… Continue reading To the Top