My Week

By Moira, 66. Renmark West, SA Feeling the shame, Losing the calm,Carrying the blame,Needing the balm. Moving past the stress,Knowing I am loved,Wishing to blessLooking up above. Accepting limitations,Knowing I have value,Peaceful contemplations,No longer am I blue.

How Did I Ever Have Time to Work?

A brief reflection on adjusting to semi-retirement. By Tessa, 65. Somers, VIC Years back, a colleague of mine moved to New Zealand to live with her new partner. At the time, we were both Directors of Nursing at a large metropolitan health service. She gave up her high-powered job for love. But also, with the mind to… Continue reading How Did I Ever Have Time to Work?


By Alice Richardson, 77. Elizabeth, SA The winter tree stands naked; exposed; vulnerable.  It remembers the beauty of spring; fragrant colourful blossoms, sparkling green leaves, the warmth of summer, the birds that nested amongst its foliage and the tiny fledgling’s insistent ‘hungry’ chirps demanding food.  They flutter and venture further and further from the nest,… Continue reading SO THIS IS OLD?