By Lesley-Anne Willott. Christie Downs, SA

As blood red poppies dance in the wind, we promise to remember the bold
On that one fateful dawn back in 1915, where so many would never grow old
Life is so dear, but the worthy, must have courage to answer the call
With mettle and grit, it’s what Aussie blokes did, no question or fear of the fall

Mustafa Kemal issued orders, to the Turks way up high on the hill
Not just to fight, but to fight to the death, to attack ’til the final kill
It may be the very last morning, to feel sun warm and bright on your face
In the time it takes you to die, more Turks will have taken your place

So the ships set sail for the battle, on that peninsula so far away
Lads from Queensland’s cane fields, from the West and the vines of S.A.
The row boats grounded the promontory, it was time to disembark
Some jumped into deep water, where they drowned in waters dark

They struggled to the beach, all soaked from head to toe
To face a rocky landscape, to be known as Plugge’s Plateau
Bullets rained as they climbed, the slope littered with wounded and dead
Bodies caught by the low scrubby bush as they slid leaving rivers of red

Digging bayonets into the ground, they hoisted themselves into hell
Through increasing fire the ANZACS went on, as more and more of them fell
Sixteen thousand had landed, two thousand would die before night
No more could be asked, the toll so great, brought home by the morning light

As each mother dusts off the photo, as a tear slides soft down her face
Let us remember the ANZACS and the role that they played in that place
Endurance, bravery and mateship are worthy of medals now worn
Remember the lads and the battle where the ANZAC spirit was born.

Click the arrow above to listen to Lesley-Anne’s wonderful reading of her piece “Full Moon Madness”.

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