By Steve, 65. Aldinga, SA lessons learntonly slightly burntso much to learnso little timegrowth sometimes a bitter pillas we struggle up an unknown hilltufts of grass,trees with embedded rootscan help us on our wayevery hill is differentfor every child of mother earthsurvival is our instinctit rarely lets us down andwhen you've reached your plateauit is… Continue reading Lessons

Footscray, Our Playground

By Leonie, 78. Port Fairy, VIC                              Empty factories and the rail lines promised not to tell As we explored the inner sanctum of that steel and iron playground Palm trees lined the railway, growing low with fronds that formed a veil Where we could hide with bikes and all, the two of us not… Continue reading Footscray, Our Playground

Bread and Dripping, Mushrooms, and Fresh Blackberries

By Lindsey-Jane, 70. Adelaide, SA These are just a few of the snacks and meals that we enjoyed as children in the 1950s. Today, some have been adapted to be more health-conscious for future generations, and others have simply vanished, which is a bit sad. As a child growing up in Australia in the 1950s,… Continue reading Bread and Dripping, Mushrooms, and Fresh Blackberries