On reaching the age of sixty, I realised that I was born in 1960, with all of the memories of that time, songs and ‘ways of being’ that I could recall with those images. 

Out came the orange floral chiffon number, spotted at the local Op Shop. Easy to spot were the oversize shiny orange beads and whiter than white plastic lozenge-shaped hanging earrings. 

Bright colours and a selection of sixties songs on a playlist were the beginnings of a party, with the local ‘ladies’ cheering on with requests. They grew into that time when I was just a baby and they were determined to put their requests in. 

The sixties took shape in my imagination when I turned sixty. The result, a photo of me by a friend as I watched those around me, who were remembering as well. As we shared the experience, my photo reflects both memories and looking forward. 

A time to celebrate the past and the present in technicolour, with music and shared experiences. Youth is a part of life and living life is a path to youth. 

~Sue, 60. Port Augusta, SA

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