On reaching the age of sixty, I realised that I was born in 1960, with all of the memories of that time, songs and 'ways of being' that I could recall with those images.  Out came the orange floral chiffon number, spotted at the local Op Shop. Easy to spot were the oversize shiny orange beads [...]

This is My Story

By Margaret Brooks, 93. Bacchus Marsh, Victoria Sunday 8.8.2021 I was born at Quamby Hospital, Bacchus Marsh on the 3.9.1927. I grew up in the Raglan Cottage, Melton. In those days, most of the roads and streets were dirt roads. I had some very happy days going to school and playing skippy and hop scotch. [...]

Cloud Gazing

I recall those summers as if from yesterday. Long and hot with time to waste, to laugh and love and play. We'd lay in grassy meadows, heads crowned with daisy chains. King and queen of our own world, where dreams and magic reigns. We'd cast our gaze up to the clouds, bright white in azure [...]

Full Moon Madness

I remember that night in every detail.  It was one of those crisp fresh nights, not particularly cold but with a clean, fresh smell on the breeze, the trees swishing gently and the full moon casting silver light across the lawn. I’m not sure what it was that woke me, but my eyes opened, and [...]