Sometimes when you’re feeling low

And you feel you truly have nowhere to go

The feeling of sadness just runs so deep

All you want is to go to sleep

And dream of times when happiness was alive

It felt so good it made you want to survive

And now Im here and I feel so alone

The feeling fills my every thought

And engulfs my life

I feel Im really caught

No one understands

They all make fun

I sometimes wonder who the hell Ive become

I hurt in places, and truly feel sad

Then I feel guilty for feeling so bad

Truth be known I don’t know the answer to fix this situation

All I can think is condemnation

Maybe just maybe

A wave will pick me up

And thrust me into a magic cave

Where a colourful lamp

With a genies charm

Will lead me to the place where I feel no harm

The sun will shine ever so bright, and new

beginnings will be in sight ……

~Julie, 60. Aldinga, SA

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